Louisiana State Catholic Daughters      

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Prayer Line

In healing prayers for all our members and their family members who are ill, recovering from illness / surgery, home-bound and chronically ill:

  • All our brother and sisters in the law enforcement and their families.
  • All our military oversees to have a safe return back to their families.

  • Margot Millet, member of Our Lady of the Rosary No. 1613-Lafayette. She broke her arm and is in a lot of pain. (8/7/2018)
  • Carol Ann Hymel, District Deputy and Regent of St. Philip No. 1504-Vacherie. She is having knee replacement July 24, 2018.  The first surgery failed and needs to be changed. (7/23/2018)
  • Virginia Fisher, Past District Deputy, currently a State Chairman and member of St. Albert the Great No. 2050-Hammond.  She  is in the hospital with a brain bleed.  The next two to three days will be critical. (7/9/2018)
  • Allison Renfrow, charter member, and member of CDA for 38 years had emergency appendectomy surgery. (6/26/18)
  • Gail Pizzolato, charter member, and CDA member for 28 years, had hip replacement surgery and is recuperating. (6/26/18)
  • Imelda Touchet, regent of Our Lady of the Rosary, No. 1613-Lafayette, diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer. (5/14/2018)
  • Rhianna Mictchell , Diocese of Baton Rouge CDA Kid and St Philip No. 1504-Vacherie.  Rhianna came home today! She was in the hospital for 16 days. She had a blood clot, which caused her to have several mini strokes. There's no long term damage, but she did have rehab to help her regain strength on left side and is taking medicine to shrink the clot. (5/11/2018)
  • Virgie Hebert, (mother of State Regent Connie Dronette), she fell and broke her hip.  She had surgery and is now recovering. (4/11/2018) -- She is home and recuperating. (4/30/2018)
  • Bob Holdridge, (husband of Crystal Holdridge, District Deputy and members of St Rose de Lima No. 1194-Duplessis).  Bob is recovering from surgery (amputated his leg below the knee due to complication). (3/2/2018)
  • Joanne Tomassi, Past National Regent, in the hospital recovering from a heart attach. (2/21/2018)
  • Lois Keller, member of Notre Dame de la Paix No. 2316-Vacherie. Now home recovering from a month long stay in the hospital of kidney failure. (1/14/2018)
  • Juanita Gaspard, (mother in law of District Deputy Christine Gaspard), recovering from double bypass. (1/4/2018)
  • Kathleen Blanco, member of Our Lady of the Rosary No. 1613-Lafayette, who is battling cancer. (12/21/2017) Kathleen is a Past Governor of Louisiana. 
  • Karen Tregre, member of Notre Dame de la Paix No. 2316-Vacherie, she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and is now starting her 2nd journey of treatments after having a successful surgery and recovery. (updated 11/22/2017)  --received her last treatment on 5/18/2018 and RANG the bell!  Prayers for a clean & healthy scan in June. (5/22/2018)  Praise God!  --she is in complete remission--her scans can out good, she is cancer-free. (6/13/2018)
  • Fabian Whitney, District Deputy and member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help No. 1848-Houma.  She is going through chemo and needs prayers for strength and healing. (10/27/2017)
  •  Edna Zirkle and her husband, District Deputy of Shreveport Diocese.  She and her husband were in an accident. (10/10/2017)
  • Deacon Mike Tramel, (husband of Alice Clair Tramel, member of Our Lady of Grace No. 1964-Raymond)  Prayers are needed as he recovers from neck surgery. (10/10/2017)
  •  Tim Broussard, (husband of Marilyn Broussard, Convention Committee Chairman and member of Our Lady of LaSallette No. 1255, Sulphur).  Tim is recovering from surgery. (9/29/2017)
  •  Bob Holdridge, (husband of Crystal Holdridge, District Deputy and members of St Rose de Lima No. 1194-Duplessis).  Bob is recovering from surgery. (9/29/2017)

  • Please pray for our Worthy National Regent, Helene Shepard.  She had a radical mastectomy this morning and  will be in the hospital for a couple of days.  If you or your court wants to send her a get well card her address is, Helene Shepard, National Regent, PO Box 455, Washingtonville, NY  10992.
  • Barbara Gayle Guttry, Regent of Pere' Maltrait No. 1445-Kaplan.  Recovering from 28 days in the hospital. She has trouble walking.(9/13/2017) 
  • Sister Martha Ann Abshire, Immediate Past State Spiritual Advisor.  She recently had surgery on her neck and back and is facing a long recovery. (8/7/2017) Cards may be sent to her at:  4200 Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

UPDATE ON SR. MARTHA(9/13/2017): She is having another surgery on October 9, to revise what was done during surgery in July.