Louisiana State Catholic Daughters 

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Robe Protocol

Wearing robes correctly shows our pride in and our respect for our organization.

? Robes must be worn with white shoes (Shoes may have open toes, no flip flops - beige or bone are not considered white).

? Panty hose are optional, nude or suntan in color only. No white or off-black or brown.

? The robe should measure eleven inches from the floor when wearing white shoes. When you are issued a robe as a new Court officer, do not allow the robe to be cut when having it hemmed. The hemming tape and machine stitching can leave permanent marks on the robe.

? Robes may be worn with stud earrings with one earring per ear and without necklaces.

? Collars should not show when the robe is zipped up.

? You must wear a skirt or dress. Pants, crop pants or shorts are NOT allowed under your robe. Dress should not show under the robe. (Carry a belt just in case your dress is too long for your robe. Once you are wearing your belt, your dress can be pulled up and the belt will hold it in place.)

? Robes are not worn outside unless you are in procession. As soon as you leave the church, remove your robe and carry it folded over your arms.

? Do not carry purses or bags under your robe.

? Do not pin corsages, membership pins, or name tags to your robe.

? Inspect your robe to see that it is clean and pressed before each wearing.

? Robes are heavy and tend to slip backwards. When you stand, straighten the robe so that it is in the proper position on your shoulders.

Also make sure you have the right robe for the office you hold.